Craft magic spells with code
Like Minecraft plus Gary's Mod
Mod Minecraft in Your Browser
The Planes
A Moddable Infinite RPG
Multiplayer sword-fighting
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Press, Partners, and Funding


Stephen Foster wrote his Ph.D. thesis on programmable games. He is an expert in video game end-user programming and computer science education. He primarily works on Vox-L and LearnToMod at Multi-Dimensional.

Jason Rosenstock has worked on AAA titles like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as well as critically aclaimed indie games, including Spider: Right of the Shrouded Moon and God of Blades. He currently works on CodeSpells and Torb at Multi-Dimensional.

Lindsey Handley has a Ph.D. in bio-chemistry and a background in business. She specializes in marketing for all titles at Multi-Dimensional. She is also a developer on The Planes at Multi-Dimensional.

Adrian Lopez-Mobilia has developed critically aclaimed indie titles like Spider: Right of the Shrouded Moon and God of Blades. He is currently working on Vox-L and CodeSpells at Multi-Dimensional.

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Inquiries can be emailed to Stephen R. Foster: stephen [at-sign] thoughtstem [dot-thingy] com.