An Infinite, Procedural MMO

Lindsey grew up playing farming RPGs like Harvest Moon. Stephen grew up playing adventure RPGs like Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star. They decided to combine their love for these games into an infinitely explorable, procedurally generated MMORPG with the same mechanics as classic RPG games.

Planes of Existence

The Planes is set in a multi-verse with four Planes of Existence, one on top of the other. At the bottom is Unter, the underworld. Above this is Erde, an agricultural Plane with primitive technology and magic. Above Erde, is Luft, a cloud Plane consisting of floating castles. Above Luft, there is (supposedly) another Plane called Raum.

You begin in Erde. Your goal is to transcend Erde and reach the other Planes -- perhaps finding undiscovered Planes along the way.

Procedural Generation

Everything is procedurally generated. The terrains of Erde and other Planes are infinite and procedural. Biomes are procedurally placed. Cities are procedurally generated. The houses in cities are procedurally generated. Even characters and game lore are prodedurally generated.

Here is a procedurally generated house in a procedurally generated forest, nestled between a procedurally generated road and a procedurally generated pond:

You Can Pick Up Everything

Your character can become very strong. Depending on your level, you can pick up almost anything you find. Trees. Treasure chests. Animals. Even houses.

The catch is that you can only carry one item at a time. Oh no!

Luckily, because of spatial dilation you can store things inside of other things. Put stuff in your house, then pick the house up and carry it all with you.

Spatial Dilation... Uh what?

Basically, this just means that things like houses and tents are bigger on the inside than they are on the outside. So you can store a lot of stuff in a house -- even another house. This makes them basically like inventories that you can go inside of.

In this image Lindsey has kidnapped several NPCs and is storing them in a procedurally generated house she found in the woods:


Oh yeah, The Planes is a multiplayer game. Each Plane is infinite, though. And there are multiple Planes. So your odds of finding people are low.

But you can coordinate with friends to meet at the same place and then go adventuring together. Or better yet, build a city.

When is it coming out?

We plan to release an early access version in late 2016.


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