Physics + Swords = Torb

The idea of a fully physics-based sword fighting game came to Adrian and Jason years ago. They wanted to make a game about sword fighting that wasn't about butchering people -- something more abstract and about playing with weapons as toys. Although it has never been released, they've worked on it as a side project for more than 5 years.

It can be played in split-screen multi-player and/or against artificially intelligent bots.

It's all about gameplay

Jason designed Torb to be artistically "clean". Models are constructed from simple 3D shapes, and animations are an emergent property of the physics system that Adrian built. Because of that, the only way to truly appreciate Torb is through watching video (and playing it!). Here are some videos of early Torb gameplay:

What's next for Torb?

Adrian and Jason have remade Torb about 10 times with new characters and new directions, every time with the hope of finding the most "clean" iteration of it. It started to get a bit too complicated, though. Using the original system and visual style, they are building a more streamlined experience that acts as a successor for the unfinished initial version. The current plan is to release it as one of several local multiplayer party games.

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